It's all we do. So we do it best.

  • VEG has revolutionized veterinary emergency medicine by taking customer service, for the pet and pet parent, to the next level and having a laser sharp focus on “emergency care.” At VEG, when a pet parent calls, they will speak directly with a licensed veterinarian. Unlike other hospitals during an emergency, pet parents won’t wait in the lobby or fill out paperwork first – instead they will see a doctor right away.

  • VEG hospitals are open 24/7 to help pet parents with emergencies when their family veterinarian is closed. The  hospital has an open floor plan that allows pet parents to have freedom of movement from exam room to treatment floor, and they can stay with their pet during all phases of treatment, including surgery and overnight hospitalization.


  • Call and Speak

    to a Doctor

  • See a Doctor Right Away

    before any paper work

  • Stay with Your Pet

    through all phases of treatment

  • We Sit on the Floor

    or wherever your pet is most comfortable

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