"Ace is a husky rescued from the streets of Wasco by Northern California Sled Dog Rescue (NorSled). Ace came in with severe injuries to his paw (his toes were nearly torn off). Gentle Ace handled his pain and procedure like a champ, and made a remarkable recovery. We used VEG Cares to help cover the cost of Ace’s treatment."

VEG San Ramon

"Roxy, Loki, Griffin, and Molly Smart were in a propane explosion that caught their home on fire. One of their housemates did not make it out, but the remaining 4 pets were able to escape. The team treated the "Fantastic Four" for smoke inhalation and used their VEG Cares funds to cover the owners' expenses".

VEG Alpharetta

"The Veterinary Emergency Group are angels with the purest heart for animals....From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for saving Wakanda and her kitten’s life."

VEG San Ramon
Ft. Worth, TX


This 4 yr. old pittie came in after eating a tube of diaper cream. (That’s for the other baby, Gia!) Her radiographs showed more foreign material. A LOT more, including a few screws. Without VEG Cares, Gia’s case could have been fatal. However, our staff was able to give Gia an abdominal exploratory, gastrotomy, and enterotomy to remove what Gia ingested. She recovered beautifully and was discharged just in time to spend Christmas with her family!
Cambridge, MA


Scraps is VEG Cambridge’s first VEG Cares case! Scraps was found unresponsive at home underneath the Christmas tree. There was blood on his face. His owner noticed chew marks on the tree light wires, and rushed him to VEG where Dr. Kyle found burn marks inside of this poor kitty’s mouth. Scraps had inadvertently electrocuted himself. Through VEG Cares, we treated Scraps for 24 hours in our hospital. He recovered well and was sent home to have a merry Christmas with his family!
Georgetown, DC


1-year-old Samson suffered two broken legs after being attacked by another dog. His owners didn’t have all the funds to cover his stay, but using VEG Cares we were able to find a way to say yes and make sure Samson got all the TLC he needed.
Edgewater, CO

Harley Quinn

Harley's mom is a single mother of 4 and has had Harley since she was a puppy. She was devastated to find out that she needed surgery and hospitalization as the costs were unexpected. Being a single mother, all of her additional money was spent helping her kiddos for Christmas. Harley was taken to surgery, had a very straightforward procedure, had an uneventful recovery, and went home within 24 hours!


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VEG partners with non-profit Veterinary Care Foundation on VEG Cares to make life-saving care possible for pets in need in your community. Through donations from local families, fundraisers, and partners, VEG doctors and nurses are empowered to make the best decision possible about each patient's care and say yes to treatment that could save their lives.